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We have been in business for many years helping people compile, print and bind  Family History Books, Cook Books, Education Book and many more.
The process of producing books is very personal and needs time and lots of care to get to the end result you want. Because time is something a lot of people don't have and there can be a large learning curve on some parts of the process this can be daunting.
The information for some projects can take many years and so this is where we come in helping to finalize the final product whether it be a cook book, family history or a booklet.
We have been providing new authors with the means to self publish books and make the final part as easy as possible with custom covers and printing needs.
Dmt Publishing was started by two highly skilled technicians that have been in the printing industry for most of their lives and so mixing the old with the new gives them versatility that many don't have.  With the age of digital printing and computers the process has speed up to be able to adjust files and the  printing needs  of customers. 
Dmt Publishing also Services Digimaster Digital printers with Sales, Service and Training all over the world. We provide a comprehensive service for these type of machines including IBM, Kodak, Canon.

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